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Providing Qualified, Licensed and Certified Interpreters Since 1999

NKSD has been proudly providing high quality services to the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana since 1999.

In 2021, NKSD acquired DHHIRA which extended the area of servicing Kentucky throughout the Western region.

What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

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We Offer On-Site and  Video Remote Interpreting

Faced with our present challenges due to COVID-19, NKSD sought out a way to be able to continue offering quality services safely for everyone.

NKSD and DHHIRA now can schedule secured, HIPAA compliant virtual sessions.  

Whether you have a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, the process is very simple.

NOTE:  Please keep in mind for most situations, this is a solution to our current state of affairs.  In the future, this may not be the best substitute to an on-site/in-person interpreter.  It is valuable to your clients and patients to be included in this decision.

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Be Safe. Be Well.

Please help slow the spread of Coronavirus.  Get vaccinated.

Visit this site for more information.
Remember, if you feel sick, stay home.  And, take measures AS IF you had Coronavirus.

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Michelle Niehaus expands in sign language on the Health Tips shown by Gov. Beshear in his recent press conference.  Great information and the video is captioned as well.
Visit for more resources.

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Northern Kentucky Services for the Deaf

Since opening in 1999, NKSD continues to serve clients and providers in various disciplines including, but not limited to, government, medical, occupational, educational, public service, and legal settings. Our commitment to quality service and incomparable customer care keep customers coming back.


The goal and effort behind NKSD’s professional services is still to create greater access in all environments for those who are deaf and hard of hearing. NKSD’s mission is to facilitate communication and remove barriers between the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing cultures by advocating and educating throughout the communicative experience. 


NKSD achieves this by being a resource and staying involved with these communities. Also, NKSD uses an interview process designed to screen interpreters who exhibits similar goals and beliefs. NKSD works exclusively with freelance, intern and apprentice interpreters. Customer service is a top priority for NKSD followed by ethical practices focused on communication, professionalism, dependability, and support for the communities served and its interpreters. Get in touch with us today to learn how Northern Kentucky Services for the Deaf can help you.

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We Specialize in On-Site Interpreting
And Offer Video Remote Interpreting

Servicing the Tri-State Area of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana

And the Western Kentucky region

Stephanie B. Saffron, AA-ITP, Director of Operations
Teresa R. Moon Flaherty, BA, NIC, CI, CT, NAD-V, President and Co-Founder

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